Workflow Analysis (Business Process Analysis)

What is a Workflow?

Workflow is an IT technology which uses electronic systems to manage and monitor business processes. It allows the flow of work between individuals and/or departments to be defined and tracked. Although Documents are often used as a medium for transporting information in a Workflow System, it is mostly associated with Document Management where the Workflow system is used to track the process of creating and reviewing and distributing Documents.

Workflow Analysis Services

Our workflow analysis services can help your organization identify the root causes of workflow issues and resolve them. Starting with an analysis of your business processes from beginning to end, we identify and eliminate inefficiencies that may exist. Our consultants find that often key resources disagree about the steps or inefficiencies in existing workflows, and by including their input and collaboration, frustration is reduced.

After fostering collaboration with all key resources in your department or organization, we contribute to mapping the current workflows and redesigning or developing new workflows.

We employ proven best practices and focus our analysis on five primary areas: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, cost, quality, and efficiency. The results help your business increase levels of customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. By reducing process bottlenecks and gaining better process controls, you'll optimize your business performance and reduce costs.

Workflow analysis is the first step towards improving your business processes, which in turn improves your business. Interestingly enough, a properly done analysis can be used for two things:

  • Streamlining your manual business processes to make them more efficient
  • Automating your business processes

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