Primeleaf's application management services comprise system maintenance as well as system improvements, through maintenance plans that identify and remove potential threats to overall system stability.

By taking advantage of Primeleaf's application management services and leveraging our global delivery capabilities, our clients gain benefits such as:

  • Reduction in maintenance, support and enhancement costs
  • Faster time to market for new initiatives
  • Redeployment of client staff to mission-critical projects
  • Price, quality, productivity and service guarantees with mutually agreed upon performance levels
  • Long-term and mutually beneficial partnership

Our approach to application management consists of three main phases, each with specific deliverables and performance measurements:

  • Preparation and planning phase
  • Integration and transition phase
  • Steady state phase

Throughout each phase, there is a strong emphasis on performance measurement and change management. From the beginning of an engagement, we work with you to establish how performance will be measured. These mutually agreed-upon performance levels are then monitored throughout the entire project to ensure the projectís objectives are achieved.

The Internet and especially web-based technologies have been changing business processes dramatically during the last few years. Websites are a major marketing tool, e-commerce provides new opportunities to sell to customers and communicate with business partners.

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