Document Scanning & Indexing

Controlling your documents helps determine the future of your business. You need to protect your business records, to know that they are secure, yet readily accessible to all authorized personnel and protected from unauthorized access, theft, and damage. Finding a reliable document scanning service helps you control your records and information.

We can help you scan your information into industry-standard digital formats, and then integrate your data into your overall Document Management System.

Studies find that; 35-50% of company information is not centrally indexed nor is it searchable. Other surveys put this figure at as high as 80%". - IDC White Paper.

Convert your documents to Digital Assets

We offer a comprehensive document scanning service that can turn your business documents into more valuable digital business assets. We will guide you as you create a streamlined digital workplace. High-quality digital scanning is the first step of the effort, leading to a comprehensive electronic document management solution. Our scanning services are quick, accurate, and produce superior-quality images

Indexing Services

Well-archived and indexed documents, records and books allow easy retrieval of information as and when it is required. Primeleaf provides efficient and affordable indexing services for a wide variety of clients such as businesses, authors, libraries, medical and legal professionals, and more.

We provide both on-site and off-site solutions for the electronic storage and retrieval of data. To empower your business or activity with our premium indexing service, call +91 22 2447 3371 ext 11 to speak with our Scanning and Indexing Solutions Manager.

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